Raw Food Workshop for Healthier Living

Maybe you have heard, tried or even know how to make some of the delicious raw food recipes. Raw foodism means uncooked foods, or more specifically, foods in their natural state.

Term raw foodism means foods that are safe to eat raw—fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. But there is also a whole array of raw foods both within these particular food groups and also much more outside of them that could very well be new to you. To try LBT sandwich made entirely out of veggies is amazing or eat spaghetti with no pasta! And to learn how to do that is something well worth trying.

Bali-Pocket-006-76Thanks to this rich natural diversity, Bali is a preferred destination of Raw Foodies from all over the world, and it offers many raw food workshops. Grace to the efforts of a handful of dedicated local farmers, organic vegetables are readily available.

Delicious tropical fruits like coconuts, mangoes, soursop, mangosteen and durian grow in many backyards. And world class superfoods such as organic raw cacao beans, Irish moss, and virgin coconut oil are rarely more than a phone call away. Raw Food Courses are offered by Raw Food Bali on a consistent basis.

They specialize in running Raw Food Courses and Workshops. They also have public group Workshops in Ubud, and can organize Private Raw Food Classes for individuals, small and large groups across the island.

They offer Raw Food Courses customized to specific needs, or you can take one of their 4 designed courses—Raw Food Fundamentals, Western Classics Gone Raw, Decadent Desserts or Durian Madness.

You can learn the tips, tricks, and recipes that will embark you on your quest of a healthy, Raw Food powered lifestyle. The class is taught by Pure Joy Academy Certified Raw Food Chef Jon Dale who draws on his experience preparing Raw Food and Studying holistic nutrition to show you just how simple and easy it is to make delicious, healthy raw food at private Ubud kitchen.

You can also learn how to make raw versions of some of everybody’s favorite western comfort foods—mini pizza crusts, marinara pizza sauce or onion cheese bread—it is possible to do it in healthier style!

And if you have a sweet tooth, desserts raw food course is designed to show you how you can transform your unhealthy desserts into nutritious ones without sacrificing any deliciousness. How about healthy raw chocolate mousse or lemon cheesecake? Anyone?

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