Paletas Wey Stay Stylish and Fashionable

Paletas Wey is now present in the middle of the classy, modern and stylish Beachwalk shopping mall located in the heart of Bali’s most popular tourist center, precisely on the famous and legendary Kuta beach.

Paletas Wey presents with a simple compact mini booth concept which delivers an incredible freshness sensation and unforgettable experience, enjoying the authentic Mexican popsicles made from 100% natural ingredients, without chemicals and artificial preservatives. It is the perfect instant heat recovery in Bali’s blazing coastal air. People of all ages, cultures and races transits this alleys have the opportunity to choose from our top 16 favorite flavors, start from fresh and fat-free tropical fruits such as watermelon & lime and soursop, pineapple, up to glamorous delights with delicious filling, such as banana nutella & vanilla oreo. Try a sensational taste of the fresh frozen delights melted on your tongue, tempting until the last bite!■

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