Mr. Wayan and Wapa’s Restaurants at Wapa di Ume

Organic vegetables from the garden and homemade coconut oil for exquisite dishes in Ubud

At Wapa di Ume you can find one of the best restaurants in Bali – Mr. Wayan, Balinese Cuisine. It is one of the most sophisticated cuisines in the world using the incredible variety of spices blended with fresh vegetables, meat, and fish. Festivals and religious ceremonies all over this island include many unique dishes prepared as offerings to Gods. At Mr. Wayan, Balinese Cuisine you can also find things like nowhere else and few extra meals that Balinese eat only when they want to treat themselves. In December restaurant completely redecorated their menu to make it even more delicious and they are very proud of their yummy dishes.

One of the most popular is Lawar Kenus – sweet baby squid with green beans and grated coconut in Balinese spicy sauce. Signature dishes are also Gurita Suna Cenuh, braised tender octopus with spicy aromatic ginger, garlic and chili as well as Be Udang Mebase Bongkot, stir fried prawns with the spiced ginger flower.

bali-pocket-011-october-2016_page92_image45Head chef Ngurah Adnyana prepares everything perfectly, and one of his dishes that melts in the mouth is Bebek Megoreng. It is a famous dish in Ubud, crisply fried, served with rice and sweet potatoes, green beans in coconut milk and trio of fantastic sambals or sauces. Sambal sero — garlic, chili peppers, shallots, and shrimp paste are hand made as well as sambal bongkot that you can find only in this restaurant. It has a purple color, and it is made of ginger flowers, shrimp paste, garlic and chili and is indeed special. Sambal Goreng is also on the list, and everything is sprinkled with organic, homemade coconut oil that comes from coconuts that grow on the land of the resort.

All the other dishes are also prepared from fresh vegetables directly from the garden. If you, for example, want to try one of the favorite local dishes — Serombotan (mix of steamed and fresh veggies with grated coconut and peanuts) – you can be sure that everything grows just a few steps from the restaurant.

If you, however, feel like some Western food, all you have to do is visit another restaurant at the resort – Wapa’s Restaurant. It is located across the river overlooking the rainforest and situated by the infinity pool. You can order classic steak menu and a variety of western dishes such as pasta, pizzas, and hamburgers. All the dishes have a special, unique twist that will want to come back for more. All that is left to say is Selamat Makan!■

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