Juicing for happiness and wellbeing

When in Bali there is one thing that one simply cannot miss—juices! Whether you are 7 or 77, this is probably the one thing everybody loves. And this island has a vast variety of organic, exotic, yummy choices that everybody can choose from!

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How about coconut beet soupie? It is a combination of soup and a smoothie. It’s a thick, savory smoothie with an acidity and saltiness that needs to be spooned and not drank. This soupie is packed with superfoods like Bee Pollen, Ashitaba Powder and Apple Cider Vinegar. And of course, coconut.


They have made to order slowly pressed juices that are the ultimate health boost. The juice menu is created to deliver precisely healthy benefits in a tasty drink. If you have over indulged the night before try “Hangover
Getover” for a refreshing relief, “Vampire Viagra” for blood stimulation, “The tummy rub” to soothe an upset tummy, “Stress Less” the calming juice or just design your favourite drink to suit your taste.

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How about cold, delicious lassi?

Lassi is a popular, yogurt-based drink with water, spices and fruit.

Here you can get vanilla, honey cardamom lassi or the one that is traditionally Indian— with cardamom and date. Ideal for cooling down and getting you filled.


Other than their famous raw food menu, they have some amazing juices offer as well. For example, you can choose from three different categories: well-being and inspirational juices, and coolers.

Go for Happy Belly, Virgin Mary or Kiss Kiss and your body will thank you later.


Why not start the day with wheatgrass juice? It is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available today, which is an important blood builder. Chlorophyll is the first product of light and, therefore, contains more light energy than any other food element. Pretty amazing!


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