Hidden gems – Bali night markets

Bali night markets offer a unique shopping and dining experience after dark. Locals call them “pasar senggol” or “pasar malam” and there you can discover favourite local snacks or gain insight on traditional household items and their uses. A thriving shopping scene by day, some of these markets seemingly never cease to operate, and they take on a different form with more choices of stalls opening at around 6 pm. These markets are a great place to enjoy an array of local and traditional cuisine at very reasonable prices, together with Balinese crafts at great bargains. We suggest 3 exciting night markets for a visit.

Sanur Night Market (Pasar Malam Sindu)

It is the nightly transformation of the traditional Sindu market where most of the locals and Sanur residents buy their daily necessities, ritual items, and morning groceries. By night, usually starting around 6 pm, the local food stalls are opening and there you can try everything – from lamb skewers to fried rice at very local prices. A serving of chicken satay with 10 sticks and a plate of rice is merely between 15 K 20 K rupiah.

Address: Jalan Danau Toba, Sindu, Sanur

bali-pocket-013-23-nov-2016-revisi-2_page92_image55Kuta Night Markets

Known locally as Pasar Senggol Kuta, have long served the Kuta and Legian backpacking community with its very affordable dining scene with a wide variety of local cuisine. There are in fact two separate night markets that collectively share the ‘night market’ reference. The main market is on Jalan Blam- bangan, the same road where the Vihara Dharmayana Chinese Buddhist temple re- sides, and the second one is several minutes’ drive south on Jalan Tuan Lange. At dinner time you can try “gulai kambing” (lamb stew) and “soto babat” (clear aromatic beef tripe soup).

Address: Jalan Blambangan, Kuta

bali-pocket-013-23-nov-2016-revisi-2_page92_image56Gianyar Night Market

One of the main evening haunts for hungry locals and international visitors coming from and staying at the main resorts in Ubud. Most foreign visitors call it a hidden gem, with a bustling market scene full of warungs and smaller stalls selling everything from live pets to all sorts of cuisine at cheap prices, clothing items and fashion accessories and kids stuff. The market is hard to miss and can be slightly chaotic with the traffic and hordes of scooters parked on one side of the road. The night scene is brilliant with the many flu- orescent lamps at each stall. A

Address: Jalan Ngurah Rai, Gianyar

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