Food for a natural detox

Yes – it has been a festive season for a loooong time here in Bali – all of those Christmases and New Years – and now it is time to detoxify our bodies.

But you are probably overwhelmed by all the information about diets, procedures, and other common approaches to detoxification. The truth is, however, that many of these practices are extreme at best and dangerous at worst. So keep in mind that our body is designed to detox naturally. This means most people don’t need crazy tonics, flushes, or extreme “cucumber only” diets.

The first step to detox your body is to ensure that you are not overburdening your body with toxins. Removing processed foods, GMOs, pesticide-laden foods, and toxic products from your home is the best way to ensure your body stays healthy and can do its job. Beyond keeping the bad stuff to a minimum, you can help your liver with some specific foods. We give you best natural food to eat every day and give your body a daily cleaning service.

Kale provides comprehensive support for the entire detoxification system. That’s right -the whole system.

The red vegetable contains a mix of phyto-chemicals and minerals that makes it a great blood purifier and liver cleanser. The super- foods are known as one of the best vegetables that boost athletic performance and can help you in a workout.

Sure, you eat them as guacamole or throw a few slices on your breakfast toast, but the healthy-fat fruit is actually also a detox superstar. Avocados contain glutathione, which helps the liver detoxify synthetic chemicals, helping to rid your body of the unwanted toxins.

The fiber pectin helps detox metals and food additives that have accumulated in your body over the years, so the old adage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” comes right back into play.

Because they are rich in glutathione, carrots are one of the most powerfully detoxing vegetables. As a bonus, they are loaded with beta-carotene and vitamin A, and have cardio- vascular benefits, and help improve immune function.

This distinct root spikes your metabolism helps to flush out waste and supports liver functions all day long.

The citrus fruit helps to convert toxins into a water-soluble form that can be easily excreted from the body, literally flushing the unwanted substances from your body.■

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