Es Puter — Indonesia’s Very Own Vegan Ice Cream

By Sahiri

In a hot day, the sight of ice cream seems to be like a sight for dry mouth. In Indonesia, instead of an ice cream truck, there’s a carriage-pulling man that sells es puter who makes his presence felt with a bell that goes dung dung, which is why we also call it es dung dung. If you happen to be a vegan, the flavor might taste familiar.

Es puter is the local version of your regular ice cream, but as a substitute for milk, they used coconut milk but similar to its dairy counterpart, comes with a variety of flavors like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. The texture of the ice cream is rough- er and is created with a somewhat traditional process using a wide steel bucket in which the ingredients—ice cubes and salt—are stirred repeatedly (hence the word “puter” which means stir). The resulting ice cream can be presented in two ways: with a cone or with bread (which is similar to the way they serve ice cream in Singapore).

Initially made for the common people who can’t afford “real” ice cream, now it’s everyone’s favorite.

And you can say that es puter is a precursor to the now increasingly popular vegan ice cream which uses coconut milk or nut- based milk like almond or cashew. You can easily find them in Bali such as in Gelato Secrets or Sore Sore Artisan Ice Cream in Seminyak. Unfortunately, it’s very rare to find the traditional es puter here unless you live in a housing complex where they usually roam. But we’re always on the look out for the dung dung sound.

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