Easiest Place to be Vegetarian

Bali is a like a dream for vegetarians and vegans. You don’t have to search everywhere for a good vegetarian meal—Bali is home to some of the most veggie-friendly restaurants in South East Asia.

With tofu and tempeh forming part of the local staple diet, it’s not hard to find a cheap and tasty meat-free dish. One of the most famous Indonesian meals is nasi campur or rice with a mix of all you can think of! The mouth-watering combination of curried tempeh, Balinese vegetables, a tofu-based curry, corn and potato fritters, peanuts and a hunk of tofu, all served around a mound of white or brown rice garnished with dried spring onions can be find in many warungs around the island. Each restaurant has a slightly different take on the nasi campur and some don’t offer a vegetarian version. But there are always multiple flavours to sample, which is amazing.

But Ubud and Seminyak, in particular, offer a choice of health-conscious cafes and restaurants that cater to all sorts of special diets, be it vegan, gluten- or dairy-free. A multitude of organic grocery stores can be found in Ubud and often will deliver for free or a small fee. You can also order healthy juices and smoothies with no sugar, but instead with chia seeds, matcha, spirulina or coconut water.

Raw food became widely popular in recent years, and in Ubud, you can find some of the best raw vegan food. Including amazing choco delights free of refined sugar, wheat, flour or preservatives of any kind. You can also get a raw vegan BLT sandwiches. But instead of bread, you will eat lettuce and instead of bacon—smoked coconut meat! Also compared to living in many countries, quality vegetarian and vegan food costs significantly less in Bali and you will just love the richness of flavours, sounds, smells, and culture, for it is truly paradise. Got you interested?

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