Bali will spoil you with magnificent food choices

One thing is for sure—you won’t be hungry on Bali! On every corner, you can find restaurants, little warungs or eateries, trolleys with traditional Indonesian cuisine and many food courts. Whether you like Western food like hamburgers, pizzas or steaks or you are willing to try some exotic dishes—Bali won’t let you down.

But if you are in for some real treats it is best to try the traditional cuisine.

Indonesian rendang was voted most delicious food at CNN Travel website by its readers and not without a reason. The dish is made with beef slowly simmered with coconut milk. You throw in a mixture of exquisite herbs such as turmeric, ginger, lemon grass, galangal, garlic, and for a few hours. That creates the meal of tender, flavorful divine delicatessen. Just be careful of the spiciness! Bare in mind that Balinese love their food spicy, so if you don’t want to burn your tongue say: ‘tidak pedas’ or not spicy—before you order your meal.

Some of the best Indonesian food is in little warungs, and it is under 10 dollars. How do you choose the right one? Look for the old Western bloke sipping his drink, because that guy has probably been to Bali so many times he knows where they serve the best rendang or nasi goreng!

Also, one thing not to be missed is Jimbaran Beach with its amazing seafood. You sit by the ocean with your feet in the sand and choose between mahi-mahi, red snapper, shrimps, squid, lobster… Make sure to choose your food by weight and negotiate the price, though. The fair thing to do is to put it down for 20 percent from the original prices and everybody still wins.

Then sit back and expect your meal to arrive cooked just right, super fresh, juicy and covered in a bright red marinate which isn’t spicy at all but savory and sweet. You get complimentary rice, water spinach, garlic sauce and watermelon as a dessert. Sunset dinner on Jimbaran beach is ideal for foodies!

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