Bali Food Safari

It is a guided food tour that takes you across favourite gastro sites of Bali so that you can taste some of the most remarkable dishes and all in one evening.
Guests are taken on a moving style dining experience, indulging in up to twelve tastings beginning at sundown and concluding with dessert.

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It is a fantasy land for foodies with great cuisine options. The tours take groups to venues throughout the evening, sampling up to twelve dishes from fusion, traditional and contemporary cuisine as well as trying Balinese, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. It is one night of true indulgence and decadence, mystery, and culinary adventure.

Our vision is to introduce travellers to the extraordinary culinary landscape, with some of the most remarkable eateries in Bali. In one night you can discover a hidden gem, celebrated dining venue, a beachside hideaway, and the extravagant restaurant with the best foods. All that without thinking about transport, since you are chauffered around in comfort, said Simon Ward, founder of Bali Food Safari. It is a great way to explore food on Bali and you will be touring Seminyak, Jimbaran and Ubud regions, away from tourist crowds. Bon Appetit! ■

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