APPETIT BALI–Mobile App for Fun Dining in Bali

Dining on Bali is not just about the food. It is about beautiful venues, beaches, jungles and most of all – fantastic Indonesian hosts who always make you feel welcome. If you want to feel the real Bali experience dining with the best hosts in the best places and feel cozy like at home, you can find where to go through the app Appetit Bali.

It is a new mobile app for fun dining, a new dining experience for all those who want more than just good food. It was made to help people find homemade food nearby, prepared by real people for you to get the best possible food at the best possible price from the amazing hosts.

If you are craving for a quality homemade food you can download the app and find a host who is preparing lunch or dinner that day and have a brand new dining experience that center on the pleasure of having a home made, home served meal in a much more cozy environment.

The app shows you the venue, host and food that he is preparing, and you can book a place also through Appetit Bali. Not only that but if you are really into cooking you can become a host. You put together a menu and get a certification from Appetit Bali, and you are ready to go! Chef Wayan is already famous through the app! So what do you say to pineapple carpaccio, grilled salmon with polenta in dil sauce and yummy pancakes while chilling to a good music near a beach? You are just a click away!■

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