What To Wear When Raining In Tropical Heaven

Are you wondering what to wear in Bali for the rainy season? In January and February, it is pouring down with rain, but it is also hot, so it is good to know what to wear.

Bali Pocket 002 - January 2016_page41_image62Maybe the most important thing is to get the good rain jacket. You can buy raincoats along the roads for a few dollars, but after a while, you will feel like a fish in a plastic bag. So invest in a waterproof jacket. You would want it to be lightweight but sturdy, and properly waterproof rain jacket with a big hood. We suggest Columbia Watertight jackets because of their taped seams, adjustable hoods and lightweight, breathable fabric for steamy weather.
The second thing you should think about is shoes. Although flip-flops are a perfect choice in Bali for the rest of the year, during the rainy season, the entire island becomes a slippery cucumber peel. Because of that flip-flops can be dangerous.

Bali Pocket 002 - January 2016_page41_image65Crocs have some good shoes for tropical downpours. Don’t think those terrible rubber clogs that were so popular a while ago. For men, they developed Beach Line Boat line of shoes. They have great traction on slippery surfaces, are comfortable for walking long distances and are ideal for wet weather.

Best rainy season sandals for women? Sturdier sandals are great options so choose sandals that have great grip and will stay on your feet. Here are some of the models of the brands that have the good selection: Teva Zirra, Merrell Enoki, Crocs Huarache or Keen Whisper.

Bali Pocket 002 - January 2016_page41_image66You should also consider the fabrics you are wearing. Good fabrics for rainy season: synthetics with wicking or quick-dry properties like polyester and nylon, and linen. Fabrics that are best to avoid in rainy season: denim, cotton and anything absorbent like rayon, lyocell, tencel…

Also, forget about white color for a while if you don’t want to your T-shirt to be see through. It is best to wear dark colors.

Bali Pocket 002 - January 2016_page41_image67Women’s

Wicking short-sleeve shirt, v-neck pullover top, wicking cardigan wrap, printed track pants, crocs sandals.

You can also wear dresses and skirts in rainy season but if they are not flying up or sticking to you when they are drenched. Go for A-line dresses, wicking v-neck dresses, v-neck dress with pockets, drawstring waist maxi dresses, knee-length skirts or linen skirt with pockets. Leggings or yoga pants are also a great rainy season option, as they dry quickly.

Bali Pocket 002 - January 2016_page41_image64Men’s

Shorts and pants made of a quick- dry material are ideal. Wicking and quick dry short-sleeve shirt, polo shirt, long-sleeve shirt, hybrid shorts, ‘killer’ shorts, travel pants regular fit and straight leg.

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