Silver Jewellery

People of Bali and Indonesia have had metal working skills for at least 2600 years. Trading with China, India, the Middle East and other regions has been established for several thousand years. Through these encounters and exchange of the skills, Balinese advanced and more and more, especially in working with silver and gold. By the 16th century, Bali became known for the exceptional quality of its silver and gold work. Today it is a place where you can find amazing peace of silver jewelery with a top notch design. We give you a few places where your hearts will beat just a little faster when you see tat fabulous jewellery.


This iconic Bali jewellery brand is eye catching and trendy with a hint of bohemian chic. Combining island inspiration with her Dutch roots, owner, and creator Jenny de Blecourt is handcrafting her designs using high quality 925 sterling silver, showcasing collection themes such as Love, Luck, Peace and Friendship. It is entirely inspired by the wealthy and magical culture of Indonesia. It is combining fine silver, angels, hearts, butterflies, Buddhas and colourful beads. Their bestseller is silver set charm bracelets, and you can find them at Seminyak.

Bali-Pocket-006-103John Hardy

John Hardy is influenced by Bali’s island culture and its local tradition of hand- crafting jewellery that dates back to the goldsmiths of the ancient Balinese courts. They bring together local designers from villages throughout Bali who create and bring to life unique pieces of jewellery. Their sustainable luxury jewellery collection of beautiful silver, gold and gemstone designs are all made in Ubud, and distributed across the world. You can also visit their Ubud workshop and showroom to take a tour and learn the history behind one of Bali’s most elegant and high-end jewellery designers.


Jemme is one of the island’s most visited jewellery meccas. This high-end jewellery destination showcases more bling on one place that you can imagine. There’s no shortage of classic favorites and you can find it all in Seminyak.


The truth is that majority of the best gold and silversmiths in Bali you can find in and around Celuk village, 10 kilometres south of Ubud. As with all the villages in Bali that are famous for art, the craftsmen and artisans are nestled in the heart of the village and away from the main road. Find a good driver to take you there for a commission and then choose the best pieces in shops and negotiate as much as you want.

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