All year long temperature on Bali is around 30 degrees Celsius. Ideal for shorts and tank tops, right? Wrong! Because you are on a tropical island, and 9 degrees below the Equator, the sun is not friendly to your skin. Soon you will realize that is so much more comfortable to wear long pleated skirts that cool you off with every move instead of skinny, tight, denim shorts. Lightweight fabrics are great for both the heat and humidity, and soon you will find yourself in and dresses.

Bali Pocket 001 - December 2015_page39_image207The best place to search for inspiration are Seminyak and Canggu boutiques all the way to Echo Beach. They offer unique, designer fashion that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The stores along the main strip have come a long way since the days of cheap rip-offs, singlets and the cheesy slogans on t-shirts still offered by hawker stalls in Kuta. Today Seminyak has been reinvented as an upmarket destination that is nurturing high-end chic and designer fashion. Ubud is also a hot fashion hub, offering amazing leather sandals and shoes, and you will probably end up drooling in front of some shops and think that maybe you are in Paris and not on a small tropical island.

Designers from Australia to the Middle East, from Europe to South America all flock to Bali. Big names out of Bali creating beautiful clothes include Ebony Eagles, Kerry Grima, Mic Eaton and Jessie White and Paul Ropp. Lita Gunardi & The Backyard Lounge is an exclusive boutique that showcases Lita Gunardi’s own fashion label. She is one of Indonesian and definitely causing a stir in the fashion industry.

If you want to shop in style—Bali is a new place to be!

Island fashion is all about colors and patterns, but also about jewelry. Large earrings, big necklaces in bright colors, thin knitted bracelets and wooden jewelry is a must. Also, try to get to Celuk—the village famous for it s beautiful silver pieces. Don’t be afraid that you exaggerated with bling bling jewelry. This is Bali and fashion walks even on the beaches here.

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