Mel Ahyar and Happa

Eclectic Indonesian fashion

Mel Ahyar is one of the finest Indonesian fashion designers who just had a show in Dubai this May presented by BEKRAF -Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy.

She is a designer who created Mel Ahyar Couture and Mel Ahyar pret-a-por- ter brands Mel Ahyar First and Happa. She is on a fashion scene of Indoneia for almost ten years and her designs have been evolving strongly since her first annual fash- ion presentation back in 2009. Since then she has been present as a true contemporary couturier in the Indonesian fashion scene. She graduated from the fashion university ESMOD Jakarta, and in the meantime received awards for the Best Nouvelle Couture Graduate from ESMOD Paris, France in 2006 and the “Coup de Couer” Special Award from noted designer Emanuel Ungaro.

She also paired up with her best friend Andien Aisyah and created Happa brand, that is more affordable. Mel was responsible for designing and Andien, a renowned singer and fashion darling, for promoting the brand that is ready-to-wear – eclectic and also chic. Happa is actually a Japan originated word and it means racially half ’n’ half or ‘mixed culture’ and that is how the girls wanted to promote their philosophy about diversity.

Rainbow is beautiful because of its colorful combination. Here is where Happa starts the journey. A story about mixed blood, about everything that was born within crossing merge, about living around diversity. This is our mission to embrace each other’s uniqueness as the gift from God to this planet Earth. This is Happa Life – is how Mel and Andien are viewing the world. This is also why the label captures the bohemian vibe with colorful headbands, patterned scarves, and lush embroidery.

Happa is both Mel and Andien’s approach infusing what is currently trending in Asian fashion and also in today’s global trends. Their vision could also be called – East meets West. This dynamic duo would like to show the world that fashion does not always have to be glamorous. It can be playful, contemporary, and whimsical at the same time. From extensive color palette to creative illustrations, Happa is essentially a blend of Mel’s first-rate artistry and Andien’s encyclopedic knowledge of fashion.■

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