Kimono — the ultimate fashion item for Bali

Kimono has recently been rediscovered as one of the coolest items to have in your closet. And it is just a perfect fashion item to wear in Bali. Why? Because it is practical and it will “save” you in so many situations.

If you are riding a motorbike or tag along as a passenger, you will soon discover that the wind is not friendly to your knees and that sun will burn your skin. You will need something to cover up and protect your skin and joints, but it needs to be light because it is still hot. And here comes the kimono! The long one will cover you up from head to toe and you will still look gorgeous. It comes super handy on the beach or pool as well, because it is simply ultimate bikini cover. Ki- monos are a great layering alternative if you usually rely on an unbuttoned shirt or jacket as a cover-up. And for all those ladies who are maybe shy about showing off their arms, a slightly sheer kimono is the perfect item to wear over a tank top but lightweight enough for a hot afternoon.

In September the summer doesn’t end in Bali, but the huge sales begin! You can find kimonos in the shops and buy them for some amazing prices and wear them all year long. How? Here are some fashion tips
• Those who love a simple look can use it as a catchy detail on an all-black outfit
• Those with a gypsy soul and boho style can combine it with ankle boots and shorts, or leather pants
• Those who have the rock spirit can choose dark colors and wear it with combat boots and t-shirts.
• For the evening all you need is a pair of gold pumps and sparkling jewelry to show off its elegant side.
• For those, however, that don’t feel like wearing it in the streets, just put it in your summer luggage: wear it at the seaside over your swimsuit, it will be the chic detail that makes the difference!
• You can pair it with a little black dress and strappy wedges for a softer, more romantic look.
• It is also great to pair it with your white den- im. If you love your casual basics, try layering an embroidered kimono to add more depth and texture.

It can also be your style buddy when you go for a date or dinner during those breezy Bali nights. And it is also perfect as a cover up when you board a flight or just when you are at home watching your favorite TV show. The combinations are endless and sooooo comfy!■

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