Instagram worthy swimming suits

We hear you – finding your dream swimsuit can be tough. But hey – doesn’t it feel great to choose one in October? It is never-ending summer here in Bali, and regardless of whether you are hitting the waves with your surfboard or lounging poolside with a cocktail, you deserve to look fabulous.

Here are some of the swimsuits that are worth an Instagram snap and will set your feed on fire!

Delicate fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship is the key to a super beautiful bikini. Wearing it has to make you feel like a total Goddess! They are maybe more pricey but will also last longer. Fabric should be soft, sensual, and chlorine-resistant – precisely what you want from a luxury piece of swimwear.

Sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, sunkissed skin. You need playful bikinis in bold, bright prints to match the tropical vibe. So when you are lying on the sand sipping straight out of a freshly cut coconut, go for swimsuits that look like a tropical jungle.

It is getting easier and easier to find swimwear that is ethical. Because if you love the beach — but really love the beach — you don’t just want to splash in it, you want to protect it. Wear brands that are built around a desire to help restore the environment and work with non-profit organisations to help clean up the oceans and protect local wild- life.

That fantastic type of swimwear that is so fashionable you can wear them from the beach to the bar just by throwing on a pair of sarong or pans. Perfect for all the trendsetters and ‘IT’ girls out there.

By definition, minimalist design equates simplicity. But that doesn’t mean that it is a natural trend to follow. Minimalist designers need to create pieces that are perfectly cut, that stand out for their quality, and that convey a mood using the barest of elements. They look simple, but are everything but! Plus – for surfer girls, they need to have a special grip so that everything stays in its place.

We know that with so many incredible swimwear options out there, you will have a problem deciding which one to go for. But, hey
– pick up a few, so you have a bikini to vibe with your every mood and occasion. Whether you hit the beach, pool or just cruising on your scooter to the next smoothie bar!

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