Indonesian Haute Couture Jewelry and Hats

When you think of haute couture you automatically think of Paris. But Ja karta also has some pretty amazing – designers who dedicated their lives to fashion. One of them is Rinaldy Arviano Yunardi, who has been designing high-end jewelry and hats for 20 years.

It all started when he was working in his brother’s electrical company. That wasn’t really his thing so one day he tried to make a tiara out of some leftover materials during his lunch break, and that was incredible. It turned out to be his true calling – he started to experiment with other materials and designs and soon he had a collection to introduce to Indonesian designers Didi Budiardjo and Sebastian Gunawan.

From that time, he wonderfully transforms crystals, diamonds, gemstones and semi-precious stones into dramatic yet extravagant jewelry to die for. Each one of his pieces is unique – he refuses to make more than one item for each design. That is why his jewelry is so exclusive and “one-of-akind”. That is also why every year, prominent local fashion designers in Jakarta line up to ask him to create classy yet sophisticated jewelry to adorn their couture designs during their fashion parades. Not only that but one of his hats was so extravagantly crazy that even Lady GaGa wanted to have it on one of her shows.

Rinaldy is closely associated with elegant chokers with intricate and structural designs and is known for his out-of-the-box and cutting edge ideas. He loves to make chokers since he associates them with glamour and elegance. Materials he uses for his jewelry varies – from acrylic, feathers, semi-precious stone, to Swarovski crystals.

But he still avoids producing his designs massively. Instead, he works on each design and has workers who make everything handmade and exclusive. I want to treat my clients with respect since they are special to me. So I would make only three designs out of some material or create a new piece in three different colors, never in same – he said.

In 2009. Rinaldy started to make some beautiful mirrors and chandeliers as a part of his home decor accessories line. The materials he picks are also out-of-the-box. For example, Rinaldy uses raffia and feather to frame the mirrors. So if you come across some of this Indonesian haute couture designs of Rinaldy, you can be sure that they are unique.■

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