Healthy sandals are now super fashionable!

This year and this summer especially we witnessed one super healthy trend that became fashionable – ugly sandals!

From Birkenstock to Teva and Adidas, girls and women all over the world started to (finally) treat their feet with respect and buy sandals that even their doctor would recommend. It is like a shoe revolution – women were recognizing that most footwear was unhealthy. But not only them – companies famous for orthopedic shoes started making models that are also more desirable. They attached glitters, added new colors and thought about new, improved materials. Just look what hap- pened in Bali. After Birkenstock made rubber models in black, white, red, and blue, as well as in gold, silver, and fashionable olive green – it suddenly became a hit! Why?

It supports the feet so you can drive your scooter safer around the island, it is water proof so the occasional tropical outpour won’t destroy them and they also cost just the fragment of a price that leather models cost. This is why Birkenstock’s core styles: the Arizona, the Madrid and the Gizeh managed to penetrate markets in Southeast Asia where the flip flops were the queens up until now. And once you slip an amazingly comfortable sandal on your foot – there is no turning back! Why would you ever torture your feet in straps again when you can have an orthopedic support that also looks super fashionable?

Adidas Adilette is also one of the more popular models and it is not reserved just for soccer players anymore. Wearing them with a sarong, romper or a long dress is super cool. Even with socks is the fashionable thing to do these days. Brand Munro hit the market with women’s “reed strappy sandal”

Its lightweight outsole protects your feet against shock, while a steel shank inside the sole enhances stability and support. It also adds a few centimeters to your height which is an important thing in Asia. Local girls love to wear flip flops on a platform (which are terrible for feet), so this is a much healthier solution.

There is also a healthy solution for those girls that like alternative or rock chick style. Aerosoles made a model called Clothesline – strappy sandals that still have the same cushioned insole Aerosoles are famous for. Teva shoes and sandals were made specifically to take on the outdoors, which means the durable rubber sole can take pretty much any sort of terrain. Perfect for exploring the island of Bali and also becoming increasingly fashionable. It is a great thing to witness turning of a health item into a global fashion brand. And wear it!■

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