By Sahiri

The influence of headbands has wrap through many eras. Assumed to be a redo of the age-old turban (or the multifunction shawl), the accessory has been around since the early 20th century but the image that’s probably most ingrained in many people’s minds was the chic, headband-wear- ing women of the 60s driving around their convertible. It has also gained notoriety during the hippie 70s period when both women and men wore them as an homage of sorts to the activists of the day.

Other than a super stylish accessory, a head- band also seems to be made for a tropical set- ting, a summer headwrap to keep your hair in place and to protect it from the sun as you’re traveling around on a scooter. One of the up-and-coming headband brands in Bali is Ilama- lu (from the Sanskrit word “ila”, meaning from the island or earthy woman, and the Hawaiian “malu” meaning protection and peace), a unique assortment of headband that balances function, fashion, and comfort.

“I love the practicality of the headband,” says Sheila Octave, the founder of Ilamalu. “It’s a simple accessory that you can pretty much wear anywhere. Plus, I am an active person so a headband definitely comes in handy.” The unisex Ilamalu’s exotic lines are all handmade and hand-painted on soft fabrics that is moisture absorbent and breathable, designed elastically so it can fit every head contour. Check out Ilamalu’s IG account for your next style’s inspiration.■  @ilamalubali

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