Hand Made Python Bags

Bali is not just a holiday destination; it also has rich craftsmanship that has lured many international brands to start producing goods here. Bali is the mecca for fashionistas, and you will be stunned by the stuff that is made here on the Island of Gods.

For example some of the most stunning bags are made on the island, all hand made and crafted using the most incredible Java Python from sensible sustainable sources.

Bali Pocket 003 - February 2016_page39_image65Brand Jocasi is famous for its classic and elegant handbags and belts that have found a home in many famous shops such as Harrods and Top Shop in UK, but they are made in Bali. Handmade to be precise which gives them a personal and individual feel as Carla Heston—Jocasi’s director and founder—says.

She started her job in Bali because she was astounded by local talents. She finally had her design and created her first bag, Kepis, back in 2002. The bag was inspired by a Balinese-style fishing bag that has been used for centuries.

From then on, her business grew fast and nowadays her bags are distributed in countries all over the world. But Heston still has her bags made by a local workshop in the Kerobokan area. She believes in Balinese craftmanship so much that every bag has a 5-year guarantee.

Sabbatha bags by Indonesian designer Sabbatha Rahzuardi are super luxurious and perfect for red carpet moments. The brand is renowned for showcasing a perfect combination of semi-precious stones, carved into the shapes of birds, dragonfly, flowers or leaves, as well as artistic bead works or silver engravings.

While being playful with colors, shapes and patterns, Sabbatha infuses Indonesian culture into his creations. Sabbatha contributed his decision to stay in the country, especially in Bali, among other reasons, to have easy access to basic materials.

Leather material is easy to find in Bali, with plenty of shops in Denpasar and Kuta offering different leathers, from goat to crocodile and snakes, in many different colors and shapes.

So if you love fashion bags, don’t miss checking out beautiful and famous brands made with love of Balinese craftmen.

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