Guide Through Ubud Fashion Style

What to wear when in Ubud? Bare one thing in mind – it is not only about comfort and hot and humid weather. It is all about style! From hippie nomads to cool summer threads, Ubud is one trendy place. To help you feel the vibe, we give you few tips what to style to choose this unique town.

Hippie Nomad
Key to this trend? Layers! And lots of them. People that constantly travel from one place to another, including nomads and gypsies, often have to travel light with little to no bag- gage with them. The result is that they end up wearing multiple layers of clothing that suit them in a variety of different environmental circumstances. These layered looks, combined with a variety of eccentric jewel- ry pieces, creates a visually stunning overall appearance, one that is iconically associated with nomadic travelers. From urban nomad looks to bohemian-inspired frocks, these chic nomadic fashion styles are showcasing that practical and functional clothing can also be stylish as well.

Yoga Mistress
Running around in yoga pants all day? Oh, yes! The trend is called athleisure and it took over the world, not just Ubud. But here you will see many fresh-faced girls walking in yoga workout clothes from head to toe and it will look perfectly normal. Swap sneakers for the flip-flop and throw a sarong over your top and you will fit right in. This style is all about comfort.

Breezy Dress Queen
Nothing better to wear during those hot, humid days in a tropical forest but light and short dresses. Do you want to know the secret? You can buy them cheaply at the local market. Balinese style is color- ful, so you can enjoy pink, red, turquoise, yellow or orange. And often mixed togeth- er! Don’t opt for a white dress in Ubud – it won’t stay that colour for long. Be bold and throw a sarong in a clashing colour during chilly nights – see how rainbow feels like.

Jewelry Goddess
Despite having some great fashion bou- tiques in Ubud, it is their jewelry and ac- cessories that really stand out – thanks to expert techniques at the hands of native Balinese craftsmen, some of whom actu- ally have ancestors who worked as royal artisans for Balinese royalty and Hindu priests. Spoil yourselves with a variety of jewelry designs hand-made locally by vil- lage folk, using traditional jewelry making techniques. Ubud really is a jewelry heav- en.

Bikinis are definitely a must. Plus your favourite cut-off shorts, T-shirts, and a light flowy dress. Pack light and go shopping!

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