After the recent surge in Ocean litter & many a Bali beach cleanup, (projects we have been humbled to be a part of and felt a tremendous pride in the efforts of our community) as a publication based on Bali life, we feel compelled to further explore & untruth the effect humans are having on the environment & specifically marine life.

We all know Bali is all about the surf, the swim, ‘the island of God’s’ and we love Bali, fun & free-living as much as the next person but are we protecting it?

Much of our research lead us back to the issue of ‘Ghost-fishing’ – a term relating to ocean junk along with fishing gear which is destroying and killing our sealife. Often fishing nets and litter a mile long are deposited in the ocean & kill & trap multiple species from fish, to turtle, to dolphins and sharks. Without the living ocean we are nothing and the sad truth is we are guilty as a race of contributing to this – so how can we repent it?

Beautifully we discovered a new wave of ethical swimwear brands, specifically the brand new WeAreNativ (manufactured by KingTrading, Bali) who use fabric from these very nets & turn them into luxury sustainable swim- wear (how cool is that?)

With sumptuous comfort, intense durability & those all necessary killer cuts, We Are Nativ are rivaling commercial brands with their powerful on trend designs whilst flying the flag for eco-conscious cool.

We know what we’ll be wearing this Summer!

@wearenativ | #cooltobeconscious

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