Forget About Flip-Flops — HERE COME THE SLIDES!

By Nadja

Everywhere you look – providing you are looking down – you will see flip-flops. They are immensely popular here in Bali and Asia in general – everybody wears them. But they are a terrible choice for your feet! Usually poorly constructed, they give you blisters, and destroy any chance of your outfit looking fashionable.

Instead, why not upgrade to a slide – a sandal that is just as easily worn, but so much less painful to look at? There is a whole world of slide choices, too! Plus they are hottest shoe trend in warm weather this year.

For starters, the sweltering heat keeps us perpetually poolside in rubber slides, which enable our feet to enjoy the summer sole-stick on miniature yoga mats. Also gone are the days when a pesky toe-thong separated our big toe from its babies – even more of an incentive to let things slide.

Every designer from Fendi to Ivy Park and Saint Laurent to Steve Madden seems to have an iteration of this shoe this season. Since you are already in warm weather getaway – add a pair of these to your wardrobe and you will be on the cutting edge!

You can go with a classic rubberized feel, or elevate it to a leather strap and durable soles. And we are not talking about slides just for women – they are equally wearable for men and kids as well. This is probably the biggest trend going on this year. Slide sandals are simply one of the few things we can all agree on! Because what’s not to like about the easiest shoe to slip on and off, especially in the summer?

Sure, slides don’t always feel the most dressed up – if the Sarah Jessica Parker in you has an aversion to anything with- out a four-inch heel, you might scoff at the idea of a shoe like this. But, it is not easy to wear heels in Bali, and actually, there are few places you can wear them to without looking overdressed and ridiculous. Here on the island of Gods, we want to feel comfortable and live our endless summer with the utmost ease. You won’t be wanting to go back to complicated laces, heels, or buckles anytime soon! At least, not until leaving Bali!

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