Fashion Must Haves for Summer in Bali

The summer season is in full swing in Bali with blues skies and inviting waves, and that also means some cool island fashion. But as you will soon discover, what works in Europe, Australia, US or Russia during summer – just isn’t right for Bali. Here, where your feet will be dipped in the sand, there is no room for shoes or fancy sandals, and because it’s so hot – forget about jeans shorts and anything made out of thick material. It is ideal to wear light fabrics in vibrant colors that you will find everywhere on the island. Here are a few things that are absolute must haves when you are in Bali. You will feel like an island girl in a second!


Some call it pareo, but the garment consisting of a long piece of cloth worn wrapped around the body is called sarong in Indonesian. They are mainly manufactured in Indonesia, but is made all over the world and super popular. Why? Because there are so many great ways to wear it! It can be dress knotted around your neck, quick cover-up after swimming, short skirt, toga, scarf, turban, beach blanket or even couch cover, table cloth or curtains! The colors and patterns are so colorful that you will be hypnotized and swept away. You will fall in love with your sarong and never want to put it down. Plus you can’t find them so easily anywhere else in the world. If you have one made out of batik, bare in mind that is a work of art.

Long, loose dress

When the sun shines brightly it is not a good idea to wear something tight. Your blood vessels tend to dilate in summer so that your body can cool itself by letting heat escape through your skin. Wear loose and airy clothes to allow your blood to circulate freely. Sleeveless mini dresses might look cool, however, they are not exactly the ideal garments for summer because they expose your skin to the sun’s rays, inviting problems like UV damage and heat rashes. Ideally, you should wear long garments that cover your skin, primarily to protect it from the scorch- ing heat. Long dresses in beautiful Bali design are an amazing idea.


This one-step outfit is the perfect alternative to dresses and shorts. It can be worn during the day, but it is also a great idea for those is- land evenings when you want to look classy, but also feel comfortable. There is only one rule – you don’t want a slouchy, straight-up- and-down jumpsuit, but the one cinching in the waist to define your shape add a little extra femininity to your look. Belts are a good idea too. You will find plenty of them on Bali markets in all colors and patterns.


For this fashion item, you need a perfect body! It looks best on girls and women who are slender because it reveals a lot of skin. It is ideal for a summer on a beach because it is light and comfy. But if you pair it with a super popular kimono and strappy sandals – you are ready for a party!■

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