Fashion for Surfers

At every beach you land on this beautiful island you will see those surfer babes and hunks that rock their boards, shorts and bikinis. Although it takes a long effort to become a good surfer, it doesn’t take a lot to look amazingly good. We give you some advice about beach style, hair and bikinis, as well as where to get all that cool surf brands in Bali.

Bali Pocket 007(Send)_page84_image68• Wear travel bracelets (lots of them)
Nothing says carefree than the bracelets that you picked up on the beach and now collect on your wrist! Mix natural fibres, beads and bracelets made from seashells, with silver bagels and other metals. Swap your brace- lets to match any colours in your outfit, for extra impact.

• Get a pair of denim shorts
Make your denim shorts from an old pair of jeans or buy them frayed, distressed, embroidered or patched; high waisted or low waisted. The denim jean short is every surfer girl’s go-to item. Team with layered tops, a flannel shirt or a short crocheted top over a bikini.

• The bikini top that doesn’t fall off
If you are active, then wear a criss-cross bikini top, because with that you won’t have any problems while surfing. Save triangle bikini top only for the beach clubs.

• Anything crocheted
Another great beach item or layer that adds intrigue to an outfit. Crochet tops and dresses can be layered over bikinis, a beautiful lace bra or a nude or coloured tank top. They look great with cut off denim shorts. A beautiful crochet dress is a definite show-stopper in the evening and a great item for hot, balmy nights.■

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