Fashion for Nightlife

Natural fabrics, shiny tops and even biker boots!

Even at night, Bali’s climate brings fabric choice into focus. Ideally, you should choose light-weight and natural clothes: cotton, silk-cotton and linen. Bali nights are also hot and humid as well as days, so opting for jeans is not a good idea.

There are not many rules how to dress for a nightlife on the island except one – skip the high heels! Pavements are uneven and non-existent so walking in heels can be dangerous. Also, try to leave see-through dresses with just bikini underneath – that is reserved for the beaches.

In casual version, woman can wear light and loose pants and a top. Consider wearing a dress or a skirt instead of capri pants and skip a T-shirt since there are so many amazing tops you can find at nearly every corner in shopping areas.

While rubber flip-flops are fine on beaches, a dressier sandal or slip-on shoe is a tad more suitable. If you are up for a fine dining bare in mind that air conditioning is sometimes freezing, so you will need pashmina or sarong to cover up.

Men can wear shorts when going out at night, but instead of T-shirt better go for a nice linen shirt. Try for it to be in one colour and ideally white, light brown or blue. Shorts, a T-shirt and flip-flops are fine to wear to any beach restaurant or pub. The same goes for most every island bar, as well as enjoying night markets and walking streets. But swap your flip-flops for loafers, boat shoes or TOMs when going clubbing.

And here is the extra info: if you are heading to Canggu, you won’t look funny in boots! It is becoming part of the fashion uniform of the Canggu crowd. Women in hot pants and swanky tops, long dresses or kaftans all pair their clothes with biker boots. Same goes for guys and many of them wear short pants in military style with funky T-shirts and biker boots.

And how to stay safe from Bali’s mosquitoes at night? They come out to feast every evening and that is the good reason for lightweight chinos or trousers for men and longer skirts or maxi dresses for women. But definitely, wear mosquito repellent at night. That should be the first thing you put on!■

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