Fashion for festive season — Sparkle a night away

New Year’s Eve is the best excuse to buy a new dress, try something new, get downright creative with your look and it is right around the corner! So whether you’re gearing up for a girls’ night out, a quiet evening in or something in between, we give you 5 outfit ideas that will put an end to the dreaded what-to-wear dilemma on the biggest party night of the year. But remember that you are in a tropical climate, so for women, it is a light dress and for the guys slacks and button shirts.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Sparkles and Sequins

When in outfit-doubt, add something sparkly! For added glamour throw on some sparkly tank that looks good when mixed with casual denim shorts and flip-flops. You will probably end up dipping your toes in the sand so re- member that heels and sand do not mix very well! Opt for some comfy flip flops since it is also likely to be raining this part of the year in Bali.

Time to Wear That Daring Piece That’s Been Hanging in Your Closet

Remember that jumpsuit you bought on major sale but haven’t worn yet? Also, jumpsuits are all over markets in Bali but somehow it is never a right time to wear them. Well, NYE is the night! Go for one color piece and the best color is of course – red! Also, don’t forget to cinch your waist because it will break up the look and flatter your shape.

Wear white

Don’t go for black – the colour you would normally wear on any party in the rest of the world. This is paradise island where it is hot and humid – let it reflect in your outfit. Any- thing loose and flowy is ideal for dancing on the beach, and the best color is white! You want to feel like a tropical princess!

Grab some bold citrus hues

That bright minidress is ideal for sipping margaritas on the beach and dancing in the sand. The brighter the color and the bolder the patterns – the better. There are no rules of mixing and matching the colors so give it your best and enjoy the happy explosion.

Lightweight materials are a winner

Go ahead and play this one up with tons of patterns and color, but make sure you wear materials that are light and flowy so you are not weighed down in the sand.■

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