Fashion Brand by DIVINA LUNE VASIFEROS -The spirit of expression

There are many wonderful fashion designers who found inspiration in Indonesia and island of Bali. One of them is
Divina Lune who fell in love with batik techniques while still studying at Academy of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. Last year of her studies she applied for internship at ISI University of Yogyakarta so she can learn about techniques how to make batik and get close to the vast culture of Indonesia. For the last 4 years, she found her home in Bali, where she learned more about culture and studied the techniques of design inspired by talented local artists. Out of all that inspiration, her fashion brand was born – Vasiferos.

It has elements of elegance, adventurous spirit and expression of loving life – Divina said because she wants to express herself through her clothes. She would like for her breezy, swaying pieces of clothes to talk about the spirit of freedom and traveling and her work is meant for all of those who want to feel that way. Her fashion line is meant for all the ladies who want to feel elegant and adventurous at the same time; sail the world and ride the bike but still be feminine and divine. Because Vasiferos wants to make divas out of you no matter where you are!

But what does the name Vasiferos mean? The idea comes from the word vociferous, which in Latin means “voice.” But it also refers to those who compel attention by being loud and insistent. “Vociferous” in dictionary implies a vehement shouting or calling out. But I turned it around to make it more so- nant and voiced. It marks something that is loud and noticeable with creaming accents – the exact thing I want to express through design and colors – Divina explained. She added that in Greek, Vasiferos also means The Kingdom – very strong word.

That inspires me, even more, to make a strong brand of a kingdom. The word I didn’t even know the meaning of in Greek but chose it out of my own instinct – she said. Her first collection has hand-painted elements of design on silk – the finest silk from Jawa. Every single piece is unique and a piece of art.

Although Divina is by profession a fashion designer, she was so curious and talented that she is also a painter, sculptor, pho- tographer, and videographer. Through all of that, she feels more than ready for designing a beautiful fashion brand. She combined many elements of art into one and Vasiferos is thus the real explosion of beauty, elegant art, and practicality. You can follow her fashion and artistic journey on her Instagram page @divinaluneartist.■

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