Farah Angsana

Indonesian designer Farah Angsana is making glittery, fantasy dresses for grown up girls

Bali Pocket 015 February_page88_image84Based in Zurich, Indonesian-born designer Farah Angsana launched her first fashion line in 1998. From an early start, in her collections more was more and she focused on glittery cocktail dresses and gowns inspired by lavish, hand-embellishments and embroideries of her Indonesian heritage. During many years in fashion industry, she gathered many celebrity fans of her designs such as Blake Lively, Ashley Tisdale and Emmy Rossum.

Last year in February Farah returned to the runway at New York Fashion Week showcasing her Fall/Winter ’16 Collection at Style Fashion Week. Inspired by her Indonesian heritage and audacious hand-embellishments and lavish embroideries created elegant movements along the runway, the collection was full of life, sparkle and electrifying hues. Farah showed a variety of necklines, silhouettes and shapes making her collection extremely eye-catching.

As each model strutted down the runway, Farah’s pieces flowed gracefully and created an enchanting energy throughout the hall. Bringing new cultural and ethnic qualities to haute couture, this collection brought to light and warmth to a chilly New York day and a touch of Indonesian sun.

Fashion was a part of Farah since she was a young girl flipping through magazines. She began designing her mother’s and sister’s wardrobes before she even had the basic skills of sketching or draping. Farah took up the formal study of the elements of fashion design and haute couture technique at the Central School of Fashion in London, from which she gradu- ated in 1992. Farah was also able to learn more about the techniques used by her hero Valentino and his mentor, the famed
Jean Desses.

Before long Farah was bringing her passion to the market, launching her own line of cocktail eveningwear and had the good fortune to immediately find a clientele. For two years she filled a constant flow of orders. Believing that the logical next step was to bring her designs to Paris, Farah became the first and only Indonesian-born (she was raised in Singapore, Los Angeles and London) designer to present her collection in Paris. She was designing sportswear for a while but then got back to making evening dresses and glamour attires – clothes she designs best. Farah is today a “one man band” business woman who splits her time between Paris, Zurich, Italy and around the world. She has found success exactly where she always wanted – creating elegant and beautiful clothes for women making fantastic designs into reality.■

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