Evita Nuh

Indonesian blogger Evita Nuh is one of the most influential fashion bloggers in the world at the moment. Although only 18, Evita is already known in the fashion circles. Elle magazine has put her on their list as most influential young fashion bloggers globally. She runs her own fashion blog, a super fresh and highly rated “The Creme de la Crop”. She also has a mini fashion line, “Little Nuh”, she was featured in a host of other blogs and publications, as well be- ing recently crowned the most influential young woman in Indonesia by an Indonesian national newspaper.

The teen blog queen has been making waves in the fashion community ever since she turned on her laptop (when she was eight) and decided to start blogging about her boyishly playful personal aesthetic. Nuh’s look ranges from super- hero costumes to bright monochromatic tulle dresses paired with oversized men’s sports jackets and top hats she sources from Paris. Recently, Nuh was included in The New York Times’ How To Spot A Member of Generation Z story as the definition of normcore, and multiple publications have called her the next generation’s Tavi Gevinson.

Yet unlike Gevinson, by age 12 Evita had already successfully launched her own brand that was sold out of shops in Jakarta, before she, “got bored.” Her look and voice represent Generation Z’s yearning to be au- thentically independent. Also, Evita started blogging as a way to better communicate with people because of her Asperger Syndrome. She started her blog when she was only eight years old. I was born with Asperger syndrome. If you are like that, even normal conversation sounds so awkward and nerve wracking because I have zero ability to lie and I’ve learned that people need to lie every single day. Well, it’s not that I can’t lie, but if someone asks me a question I will naturally tell that person everything – Evita said in one interview. She finds her inspiration in movies, music, books, and people she sees on the street. Evita’s style screams individuality and her rule is that there are no rules!

She also works as the columnist in Go Girlz Indonesia magazine, she is a freelance pho- tographer and a photo editor. She lives in Jakarta where she studies and she has a boyfriend, and in her own words, she is a crazy for cheese and a real workaholic. Well, you have to be one to accomplish all of this by the age of 18!■

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