How to dress for a NY Eve in Bali

If you are one of the lucky few who has been whisked away for a tropical vacation during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve and ended up in Bali – you are at the right place!

Plus you get to test out your summer outfits early! While your hair is getting lighter and your skin is getting tanner you probably don’t have much time to worry about what you are going to wear on New Year’s Eve. So we will make a few suggestions for you.

Since you are most likely going to be sipping cold drinks on the beach and dancing in the sand, the last thing you want is a dress that is going to weigh you down or slow down your dancing moves. It is best to choose something light and flowy, especially since it is known to be raining on Bali during the New Year’s Eve.

While black may be the standard colour for parties everywhere else – you are in the tropics. Let it reflect in your outfit. Go for white or floral to get into the festive mood. Anything loose and flowy is ideal – from tunics, dresses or skirts. You can opt for a blouse as well and pair it with your favourite hot pants to make a more elegant look. As for shoes, you are going to need a killer pair of sandals. Heels and sand do not mix well – it is even dangerous, so it’s best to go for some cool, edgy flat sandals. The snakeskin print should compliment your outfit perfectly.

Throw on a fun scarf to add some flavour. Something light is perfect for that midnight breeze on the beach. Jewelery is more than welcome but not the real one. Leave gold and silver at home and sparkle away with some bangles – the more the merrier! And to keep all of your things together go for a small cross-body bag that will keep everything safe – your lipgloss, money and keys. As for make- up – your tan is one of your best accessories. You can put some eyeliner and mascara and make your lips pouty with a gloss and that’s it!

Your hair probably has that glorious beachy wave going on and you definitely don’t want to ruin that with straightening and some serious hairdos – wear it as it is, or in braids. As for men, they can add that festive touch with a print shirt – with fruits, flowers or animals – as long as it is fun and in bright colours. They can wear it on their favourite shorts and flip flops because it is going to be hot. Here in Bali chic simply doesn’t mean all-out razzle dazzle. Instead, go for more of a natural look and simply enjoy life. Happy New Year or Selamat Tahun Baru 2017!■

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