Batik Workshop

In Bali, art comes naturally. It is one of the best destinations in the world to get in touch with your artistic side due to arts courses just waiting for you to take them. Among many workshops, there is also one where you can learn everything about batik – the textile that originates from Java but is widely popular in Bali and around the world.

Find out how to use hot wax to print designs and paint them in natural dyes, creating your very own piece. Nirvana Batik Courses in Jalan Gautama in Ubud offers classes with artist and teacher Nyoman Suradnya at his Nirvana studio. Courses may be from one to five days. One day course includes the story of batik, materials and learning batik technique with chanting and brush. You also learn hand painting and dip dyeing in sequence as well as wax removal. At the end of the day, you will have your own, handmade unique piece of batik art. Regular classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10am-3pm, and you can book your class on 0361 975415 or 08123762280.

You can also learn everything about batik with Ketut Sujana, artist that lives in Ubud on the way to Sanggingan He says that like meditation in action, the art of batik centers the mind and liberates the heart through creativity. So explore the simple and exciting process of batik painting and create a valuable piece of art.

In his unique batik painting workshop Ketut will help you use the ancient art form to create contemporary designs. You can come as a group or individual. All the action takes place in the studio behind Ketut’s gallery. The studio is located in Lungsiakan on the main road just outside Ubud. There is plenty of room to move about and when you need to take time out and think about your masterpiece, the rice fields are in the back garden where planting and harvesting go on in the traditional way.■

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