What’s Happening in May

By Nadja

Bali Blues Festival
25th until 26th May
Peninsula Island, Nusa Dua

The Bali Blues Festival is a standalone part of the annual Nusa Dua Fiesta’s agenda. It habitually features great local and national jazz and blues bands. Those who performed in the past include Gugun Blues Shelter (featuring Indonesian Jazz musician Indra Lesmana), The Six Strings, Krakatau Reunion, Balinese band Crazy Horse, Balinese tapping guitarist Wayan Balawan, and Indonesian musician Gilang Ramadhan.

Vesak, Buddhist Year 2562
29th May 2018
Vihara Amurva Bumi, Blahbatuh, Gianyar

Vihara Dharmayana, Kuta Wihara Buddha Sakyamuni, Denpasar Brahmavihara Arama, Banjar, Singaraja Wihara Dharmagiri, Pap- uan, Tabanan Wihara Buddha Guna and Nusa Dua. Vesak or Waisak is a holiday observed traditionally by Buddhists. It marks the birth of Prince Siddharta Gautama. Unique to Bud- dhists in Bali is that some rituals share a slight resemblance to Balinese Hindu features.

29th until 31st May

The Balinese celebrate the day of Galungan, which commemorates the triumph of Dharma over Adharma, or good against evil. Second most important after the Nyepi or Saka New Year, this observance comes twice a Gregorian year, as the Balinese use a 210- day calendar system known as the Pawukon. The Galungan festivity starts on a Tuesday on May 29th when bamboo poles decorated with young coconut leaf decorations line the streets all over Bali. This is a unique welcome to Bali if you happen to be on the island around this time and usually lasts until Kuningan, another associated observance that comes 10 days after – on June 9.

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