By Veronica

Vesak Is a Joyous Day. It was full moon day of Vesak on the fifth century BC, when Siddhartha, son of a Sakyan leader, born in Lumbini Park, North India. He grew up as a superior person in all aspects, enjoying every kind of wealth and sensual pleasures, protected from the harsh reality of peoples hardships , ill health and suffering. But, each day over the course of four days this all changed. For the first time in his life, he witnessed for himself, a decrepit old man, sick man, dead man, and he felt grief. He was inspired when he saw a hermit, and he knew how to make his life be beneficial for himself and also be of help to others. He intended to find the way of liberation.

Vesak Is a Victorius Day. Siddhartha left his life of great wealth and the worldly pleasure and chose the life of a monk. He did all kinds of asceticism in the Uruvella forest, and nearly faced death after six years, before he realized that he had taken the wrong way. By the wisdom and compassion he developed, Siddhartha, The Lord of Truth, found the middle way. He conquered his own attachments, defeated Mara with poise and grace. Then he became a Buddha, attained the perfect enlightenment at the age of thirty five.

Vesak Is a Holy Day. After forty-five years teaching Dharma for the welfare of all sentient beings, Buddha showed his teaching of impermanance. In peace and calm, he passed away, entered parinirvana, on the full moon day of Vesak month, at the age of eighty. Buddha may no more exist phisically in this world, but the spirit of kindness, the will to liberate others from suffering must always exist and passed on.

HAPPY VESAK 2562 BE / 2018
May all beings be well and happy.

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