Tumpek Wayang

Tumpek Wayang is a special day filled with blessings for traditional shadow puppetry. Various offerings are made to the equipment and range of character puppets involved in the traditional theatrical art.

Shadow puppet plays are played for locals and visitors. The ceremony itself is meant to showcase the artistry of shadow puppeteer- ing and puppeteers also perform a purification rite called ruwatan.

Tumpek Wayang is also relevant to those be- longing to the Hindu faith because the date falls on the birthday of Lord Kala. In Hinduism, Tumpek Wayang is the mythological day that an improper coupling between Lord Shiva and the Goddess Uma occurred, resulting from the birth of Lord Kala. That’s why Lord Kala is regarded as Salah Wetu or wrongly born. Any child who is born on the eve of Tumpek Wayang is also regarded as wrongly born in Hindu.

Tumpek Wayang is typically held in small, intimate settings, like local temples, but any- one is welcomed to see it. Ask around where to go; drivers, local hotel staff and travel agents will be happy to find you a Tumpek Wayang ceremony to attend.

The Tumpek Wayang is typically held at various temples including the Pura Pedharman, Pura Bhatara Ratu Gede, Pura Bhatara Ratu Widyadari and Pura Bhatara Ratu Alit.■

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