Tumpek Uduh 11th of March

March is believed to be the best month to get married among Balinese because the flowers and plants begin to bloom and the rainy season comes to an end. That means that marriage will also be fruitful and happy as the plants which give life.

This March there is also a holy day dedicated to the blessings of plants, especially those that produce fruits and flowers. The name is Tumpek Uduh and on this day households bless their gardens, farms and plantations for successful harvests in lead up to the Galungan celebrations three weeks ahead. This is a day to offer respect to trees, particularly the coconut palm tree that is very important to the livelihood of the Balinese. In South Bali the trees are dressed in traditional Balinese clothes, complete with a headband, tlie udeng, a kilt-like kamben and a special scarf – saput – as a belt. Then the tree is hit with a hammer to notify everyone that offerings are nearby and to ask the tree to give the abundance of fruit. This day has also alternate names, such as Tumpek Nyuh.■

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