Tumpek Landep

4 February – Ceremony

Tumpek Landep is a holy day that is dedicated to the blessings of metal items, from daggers to various other metal objects such as modern machinery, automobiles; all towards their better use in daily life. The ceremonies start in the morning hours at the village temple when people gather for special prayers and blessings.

Afterwards, at the home compounds, additional ceremonies and blessings follow at which offerings are made for the holy family keris that most families own, but also for cars and motorbikes. In the early days of Balinese Hinduism, the keris (dagger) was one of the few objects that were made of metal. As a dagger, the keris was a weapon which was used in battles. More important, there were also lots of special keris that were regarded as holy, a spiritual object with magical power. As such, the keris played an important role in the early days of Balinese Hinduism and as a matter of fact, it still does.

Bali Pocket 015 February_page88_image66In these modern times, also other objects that contain metal, such as computers, may be subject to these ceremonies. Most Balinese people truly believe that these ceremonies and blessings will bring them luck and keep them safe in traffic. On this day you will see cars and motorcycles decorated with intricate stitched-leaf ornaments called ‘sampian’ roaming the streets in Bali.■

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