Purnama Kedasa

Ceremony of the Full Moon
1th of April at major temples island-wide
This special full moon is considered highly significant amongst Balinese Hindus. Known as ‘Purnama Kedasa’ in the local language, the day coincides with many major temples celebrating festive rituals, attended by thousands of devotees. Although full moon is celebrated every month, in April and in October the full moon ceremonies are held in a more intense way.

Purnama, the day of the full moon is a very special day for the Balinese people. It is considered to be a favorable day to plant things in the garden, especially fruit plants. Purnama helps to ob- tain an abundant harvest the following year. The famous mother temple, Besakih, holds a special ceremony known as ‘Betara Turun Kabeh’ on this special day, inviting the gods and deified ancestors for their blessings. A ‘melasti’ or purification pilgrimage usually takes place on the preceding Sunday, with processions carrying heirlooms and temple objects to sanctified water sources.

On this day many hotels and resorts offer special packages such as massages under the moonlight and moonlight remedies. So if you want to capture the magic head for the spa treatments specifically created to harness positive lunar energy and nature’s rhythms, promoting healing and spiritual growth.■

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