Pandan War

Karangasem is one area in Bali which is famous for its unique tradition. One of the most touristic destination is Tenganan village. This village has a tradition they called it “Perang Pandan or Pandan War”. Pandan War is one tradition that honor of the God Indra as a God of War. This is the greatest ritual in the village of Tenganan. The essence of this ceremony is the battle between the God Indra and a cruel king named Maya Denawa and in the end, the God Indra won and he became the God of War.

Pandan War conducted every five months or sasih kalima in the calendar of traditional village Tenganan. The ritual lasted for two days in a row. The ritual is performed once a year, and will be held in Juni 2016. Pandan War conducted from 2 pm to finish for three hours.

Pandan War tradition, carried out using barbed pandan as a tool or weapon for battle. Pandan thorny used are already tied up so it is shaped like a mace. Participants Pandan War is also a shield. The shields are used to protect themselves from attack opponents. Shield used in Pandan War woven rattan. Pandan War accompanied by gamelan music named Seloding. Seloding is a musical instrument in the region Tenganan that should only be played by people who purified. This instrument is played is not arbitrary, but only on certain events. The tool has a taboo, that should not be infringed and not allowed to touch the ground.

Bali Pocket 007(Send)_page84_image37Pandan War carried out by the youth of Tenganan village and also another youth outside the Tenganan village. The youth of the village acts as Pandan War participants, while youths from outside the village as a supporting participant. Children who have started growing up has also been taking part in this ceremony. This ceremony can also be a symbol of one’s children grow up. Pandan War participants wear traditional clothes called Tenganan Pengringsingan woven fabric. Society simply use gloves or a man called parchment, shawl or called saput, and headband or udeng.

Bali Pocket 007(Send)_page84_image36Before they held the ceremony, they pray to the God and then they walk around the village. After circling the village, they continued the ritual traditional drink named Tuak. The Priest will give the cue mark the war began. War in pairs that is a number two. Participants of the Pandan War will be dancing and hit the thorny Pandan to the other participant and then alternate with another couple.

Although his body bled, the participants continued to look happy because it is an expression of their gratitude and how to honor the God Indra. After the war, wounded participants smeared by traditional ingredients made from turmeric. The next event after the war, they prayed at the temple. Although the participants were injured but no grudges among participants. It is symbolized by eating together in one plate with the show of togetherness The event is called “Megibung”.

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