Night gourmet market in BOW

Although Indonesian food is amazing, sometimes you crave something different. Something that reminds you of home, some delicacies or fantastic olive oil thatis scarce here in Bali.

Considering that many expats who live here are also foodies, the idea was born to gather people who think alike and make a night market where you can sample some of the fantastic things you didn’t even know existed in Bali – truffle oil, duck patte, delicate cream cheese.
Every Friday in Bow restaurant in Jalan Batubelig from 8 pm onwards there is a real feast going on. People who love food and like to bring something new to Bali come to the restaurant with their products you can sample and end enjoy. Ingredients are from abroad, bur everything is made in Bali. And boy is it good! For example I had no idea you can buy some extra yummy cheeses in Jimbaran. Brie, camambert or grogonzola can be found in Bali Alm and they are exactly what your palate is craving for. Since Bali is not famous for it’s milk industry, it comes from the island of Java.

There are also some amazing oils you can find in Bow on Friday nights – from French black truffle and Italian white. Taste is heavenly and price is the same as in Europe, although it takes a lot of effort and love to import the ingredients and combine them in such a tasty oil in Asia. It is the idea of French expat Christophe, who also loves spices and enjoys a good bite.

Along with a good music on those Friday nights you will also find some good selection of wines, which are priced amazingly low for Bali. You can taste everything for free and if you want a to sip French wine it will take back only 30 K per glass. Also you will be able to try saussage, ham, dried curred bacon or bacon and find out where to buy best Angus beef on the island. And if you are looking for something really special, there is a selection of finest duck meats french style delicacies.

“Epicure” from Tabanan produces finest foie gras and pattes. They have their own farm and it took them 3 years to get everything to perfection. And perfect it is! Especially if you nibble their heavenly products with wheat tortillas and divine veggie spreads made in the kitchen of Bow. There is no other way any more to start your Friday night than to come to a gourmet market and get some groove on!■

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