January is still a month of celebration

If you think festive season is over in January, think again! We are in Bali where many cultures and nationalities meet, so it is always a time to celebrate and be happy!

First, we have Orthodox Christmas and New Year on 7th and 14th of January. Due to a difference in calendars, January 6th marks Christmas Eve for many Orthodox churches and their New Year’s Eve is on 13th of January. In much of the former Soviet bloc and the Middle East, they remain on the Julian calendar, created under the reign of Julius Caesar in 45 BC. Lots of Russians, Ukrainians, Serbians, Greeks, Belarus, Macedonians and Egyptians will be celebrating their festivities. Since there are many Russian expats in Bali, January is always their time of year for visiting and having fun.

On 20th of January, there is Tumpek Kandang, a special Balinese day that is dedicated to animals, livestock, and pets. Offerings are made for successful farming and animal welfare. The day is part of a series of other Tumpek days aimed at the blessings of different subjects. Tumpek Uduh is for plants. Tumpek Landep is for metal objects and tools. Tumpek Kuningan for ancestral spirits. Tumpek Wayang is for wayang shadow pup- pets and art performances. Tumpek Krulut is for traditional gamelan music instruments. Like Balinese temple anniversaries, Tumpek days occur in a 210-day cycle on the Pawukon calendar.■

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