Indonesian Independence Day

This year Indonesia marks the 71st year of independence. On 17th of August 1945.Indonesians proclaimed the independence from the Dutch and Japanese authorities after centuries of colonialism and occupation.

Because of that, Indonesians decorate their houses and the streets with red and white ornaments that represent the colors of Indonesian flags. Formally, Indonesians usually celebrate the Independence Day by attending flag ceremonies in schools and offices.

After the flag ceremonies, the more informal celebrations start with all kind of competitions taking place. The sports include krupuk (chips) eating, climbing palm trees greased with oil, sack races and many other party games. All the games have symbolic value and serve as a reminder of the time when Indonesia was not free. For example, eating krupuk is a reminder of how people lived in poverty during the colonization. Climbing the palm tree symbolizes the effort to make it to the freedom. People of all ages, genders, and professions join the competitions. If you are in Bali check out your hotel’s food and beverage promotions and menu specials for Independence Day. You can find some amazing national culinary delights.■

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