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Purnama Kedasa

Ceremony of the Full Moon 1th of April at major temples island-wide This special full moon is...


Nyepi — March 28th

Balinese New Year like nowhere else in the world The Melasti processions take place approximately...


Tumpek Landep

4 February – Ceremony Tumpek Landep is a holy day that is dedicated to the blessings of metal...


Tumpek Wayang

Tumpek Wayang is a special day filled with blessings for traditional shadow puppetry. Various...


Balinese Dances

Balinese dances are part of the ancient tradition on the island and the way its habitants use to...


Tumpek Kandang

Tumpek Kandang is a special day for Balinese when they give blessings for the animals, livestock...

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