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Smile Therapy in Bali

Although they call it Island of Gods, Bali can also be named the Island of Smiles. Everywhere you go, everyone you meet, from kids to the elders—they will always give you a smile. Shy, broad or cheeky, but there it is!

It is especially noticeable if you stay in one o the numerous hotels in Bali. They will greet you with a broad smile that will last from the moment you arrive, until the minute you leave, and all that time you will feel welcomed and somewhat special.

One must manage one’s heart so that one can smile—say Balinese.

And while what counts as a smile differs with one’s position, and the effort also weighs more on women, who have to be always prepared to smile, yet for everyone to smile is to make another person glad or senang, ideologically speaking.

Bali Pocket 004 - March 2016_page41_image133It is a moral duty incumbent on Balinese; A smile is a potent interpersonal gesture that works in two ways: to show respect for and comfort the other, and to assuage the self. As a part of Balinese friendliness, the smile indicates that one is not sombong—headstrong or arrogant, nor angry or sad. A smile is something for yourself and others to grasp and hold in a cruel world. While in any other part of the world people will look at you with suspicion if you smile to them and even ask, what do you smile for?! It is in the character of Balinese people to always try to make another person happy and to care about others.

Everyone who ever visited Bali soon had a smile on his face!

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